Two Kinds of Faith

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Many have turned to philosophical and metaphysical cults because their prayer lives were failures. There is but one foundation for Faith, the Living Word. As we become one with the Word in our actions, then faith becomes an unconscious reality. You never think of your faith, you only think of the need and His ability to meet it. This book shows you the difference between real faith, mental assent and hope. Hope is always in the future Real faith is acting on the Word, independent of any Sense Evidence.

This book will explain and show you the difference between real faith and Sense Knowledge faith.

Two kinds of faith

Sense Knowledge faith has almost driven real faith out of the churches. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review.

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Conspicuous benefit is the obvious, visible benefit of being clearly protected or quickly able to surmount a particular problem when it arises—be it an illness or a conflict in our personal relationships. Inconspicuous benefit, on the other hand, is less tangible. It is good fortune accumulated slowly but steadily, like the growth of a tree or the rising of the tide, which results in the forging of a rich and expansive state of life.

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This is inconspicuous benefit. When you chant daimoku, you will definitely gain the best result for you, regardless of whether that benefit is conspicuous or inconspicuous. No matter what happens, the important thing is to continue chanting. This in itself is tremendous inconspicuous benefit. The true benefits of Nichiren Buddhism are not so much of a momentary and conspicuous nature, but those of a lasting and inconspicuous nature that accrue in the depths of our lives. Conspicuous benefit, for instance, might allow you to eat your fill today but still leave you worrying about where your next meal will come from.

Inconspicuous benefit, on the other hand, more resembles a situation where, though you may only be able to eat a meager meal today, you will steadily develop your life to the point where you will never have to worry about having enough to eat.

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The latter is surely a far more attractive prospect. But sometimes we are confronted by karma over which we seem to have no control, or are buffeted about because of our own inner weakness. That is precisely why a solid guiding philosophy in life is so essential.

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How dull it would be then, if we did not do so! When we believe in the Gohonzon with all of our heart, we will savor a state of being in which life itself, and everything we do, is a source of joy.


If you persevere in faith, you will definitely come to experience this. When you get right down to it, does material wealth assure happiness? Does fame? Does living in a big house? The wonderful thing about Nichiren Buddhism is that through chanting daimoku, the four sufferings of birth, aging, sickness and death can be transformed into four castle walls or ramparts that fortify the palace of your life.

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The deeper the mire of suffering, the more indomitable a palace we can establish.