15 Ways to Bust Holiday Stress

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No one will care.

A Psychologist's Top Tip For A Peaceful Family Holiday

This is a safe choice that will also cut down on your stress. The best way to have something to look forward to is to start or end each day with something you enjoy. That could be a massage from your partner, a specially-prepared latte, a hot bath or soothing shower, listening to your favorite album, taking a mindful walk outside, working in the home or on a hobby. What it is matters less than you derive pleasure from doing it.

When you do something that you enjoy, you dramatically reduce your stress. With a couple added tweaks, you can also make it a fun activity. Besides, if everyone pitches in, the task or project will get done that much quicker. This is more than a grand gesture and it may make them even more willing to lend a hand. Not in the sense of getting ahead, networking or adding to your social media likes. Think about what it means to you to have your loved ones and family members to spend time with this holiday season.

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What you take for granted, others would do almost anything to experience. Remember too that time passes quickly.

31 Tips for a Stress-Free Christmas

These cherished moments will be loving memories later. The added benefit is that love is a healing balm that can magically erase stress. Be open to it and soak up every minute with those you care about.

Suzanne Kane is a Los Angeles-based writer, blogger and editor. Passionate about helping others live a vibrant and purposeful life, she writes daily for her website, www. Buy a smaller tree. Choose a few presents with care. Go for quality over quantity. Exercise has been proven, time and time again, to lower stress level and increase serotonin the chemical in our brains that make us happy.

Often, people can get stressed around the holidays because they want the celebrations and get-togethers to be just as good as they remember them from childhood. Be here, now. Not only does this make us feel guilty, but it also makes our bodies and our minds feel sluggish and bad. Do you get stressed out over the holidays?

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Do you like the idea of slowing down this year? If so, what will you be doing to accomplish this? Photo credit: paparutzi. All Rights Reserved. Money Crashers. About Money Crashers. Recent Stories. Read more. Advertiser Disclosure X Advertiser Disclosure: The credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which MoneyCrashers. Heather Levin.

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Join our community. Share this Article. Heather Levin Heather Levin is a writer with over 15 years experience covering personal finance, natural health, parenting, and green living. Simplify air travel by arriving up to two hours early for domestic flights and up to three hours for international flights. To avoid parking hassles, "get someone to drive you to and from the airport, if possible," advises Cheske.

If you're picking up a holiday guest, sign up online for a traveler care alert. Some Web sites, including Orbitz. If you like to read for half an hour before bed, don't give it up in favor of yet another holiday chore. Our everyday practices help calm and center us. During the busy holiday season , Brenda DeHaan of Wagner, South Dakota, and her husband seek out one afternoon of serenity.

A Psychologist's Top Tip For A Peaceful Family Holiday | HuffPost Life

Each year the couple embarks on a leisurely drive, with a stop to observe the eagles that winter alongside the Missouri River. Can't escape for a whole afternoon? Then head outdoors for a refreshing change of scene.

5 Ways to Decrease Stress During the Holidays

Bundle up and walk to the mailbox to drop off Christmas cards, or take a starlit nighttime stroll through your neighborhood to view the holiday lights. Donna Wallace of Shawano, Wisconsin, found that adding, rather than deleting, something from her to-do list made her Christmas feel less hectic. One year, she joined her church choir for the express purpose of singing with others in praise and celebration of the season.

Stores don't always publicize this service, so be sure to ask. Also seek out charity gift-wrapping services. Nonprofit organizations often set up booths at malls or craft shows and will wrap presents for a small fee. Take advantage of their services and you'll save yourself one task while contributing to a worthy cause. Buy multiples of tape, extra gift tags and more wrapping paper than you think you'll need. Nothing is more frustrating than running out of supplies with the job half done, and you can always save the leftovers for next year.

Log on to your local mall's Web site and download a map and directory of stores.

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Before you go, plot your path and make a list of potential presents. While at the mall, avoid excessive browsing since it can quickly eat up your available time, not to mention money. Lastly, always bring along advertising circulars in case there's a question about an item's availability or price. The day of your visit, bring only the essentials—since you'll be hauling shopping bags by day's end, consider carrying your wallet and ads in a zippered waist pack or a small, light handbag.

Tuck receipts in one place, perhaps a compartment in your handbag or a brightly colored envelope. It's usually in a place that's less obvious, generally at the back of the store," says McTigue. Allow a store's staff to put together the "some-assembly-required" gifts you've purchased, even if you must pay a fee. In fact, guests prefer to take on some small tasks, instead of standing around while you attempt to do everything yourself. Ask an older relative if he'd mind greeting guests at the door. Recruit teens to take coats or offer fruit juice.

Kids may direct guests to the buffet table or offer hors d'oeuvres. A special gathering is not the time to experiment with a new recipe. She also keeps the table setting simple, adding a seasonal touch with a single Christmas centerpiece and festive napkins. Order your local deli's tangy side salad or the bakery's pumpkin pie to complement your main course.