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This turned out to be very useful, as, thanks to PCOS, I developed insulin resistance a few years ago, and in recent weeks have been showing some pre-diabetic symptoms. With a basis in the Mediterranean diet and a dollop of fermented foods, the meal plans are tasty and satisfying, as well as doing you good. Sometimes you just need an easy, no-frills meal, and this book by the experts makes it simple to cook without going off-menu with regards to your dietary needs. No time? You can still cook a tasty, diabetes-friendly meal, thanks to cook and columnist Linda Gassenheimer.

While the vegetarian section is a little slim, seafood fans will love the huge range of quick recipes that they can try out. This book, written by a medical doctor, is specifically designed for people with a recent diagnosis who want to get control of their blood sugar levels and build up new, diabetes-friendly eating habits.

Indian food is a huge favourite of mine, and cutting down on naan and biryani to keep my carb intake low has not been much fun.

Weeknight Winners: 76 Diabetic Dinner Recipes

Endorsed by Diabetes UK, the recipes in this book are diabetes-friendly without skimping on flavour. Written by a doctor and a food writer who also happens to be a Type 1 diabetic , this book concentrates on low-carb recipes as a way of controlling blood sugar and maybe, in the case of Type 2 and pre-diabetics, reversing symptoms altogether.

There is a wide range of recipes, from the simple to the indulgent, so you can find something for every occasion.

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Likely due to the appliance's popularity, there are a ton of Instant Pot cookbooks flooding shelves at all moments, some dubious in legitimacy and authorship, others written by trusted home cooks. We sifted through the pile and found the nine best Instant Pot cookbooks. These are the titles we recommend trying out. Once a corporate lawyer, Nisha Vora, who now runs the vegan food blog Rainbow Plant Life , is no stranger to a busy schedule that demands quick, time saving meals. Her refreshingly simple, vibrantly flavored Instant Pot recipes are a welcome addition to the chicken and rice dishes that tend to dominate the pressure-cooker scene.

First on our cooking list: coconut yogurt, Israeli couscous and lentils, and broccoli with tofu.

Unlike a lot of the other books we flipped through, this book is organized by functions on the Instant Pot, as well as by dish. So, if you're not sure what you want to make but you have been dying to try the sous vide method, or you want something that will pressure cook in under 20 minutes, you can flip right to those chapters.

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For those of us who want an easy, hands off staple, turn to the "All Things Pulled" section for barbacoa, pickled pulled pork, or pulled brisket. Additionally, the "All Things Curried" section has options for vegetarians and omnivores alike, with flavors influenced by Thailand, India, and South Africa.

For reliably delicious Indian food, we've turned to Madhur Jaffrey again and again. In her latest cookbook, she's created new recipes and reworked old ones, all for the Instant Pot. The dishes are quick and easy to make thanks to the multi-cooker, and they retain the richness and complexity Jaffrey's cooking is known for. It's no surprise that one of the best authorities on Indian cooking wrote one of the best Instant Pot cookbooks.

Coco Morante runs the popular Instant Pot Recipes Facebook page , so she has some influence and experience when it comes to the appliance. Her cookbook offers a slew of tried-and-true classics for both large parties and weeknight dinners, like turkey chili verde , New York cheesecake, and hummus. All the recipes are approachable and based on dishes you already know and love, the technique is just streamlined. A little more than a year after Essentials came out, Morante published the Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook, which has more than double the recipes. With a great assortment of dishes for a variety of occasions, Morante presents party-ready dips, everyday jams, over-the-top desserts, holiday classics, and quick dinners.

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