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I have not had a chance to examine you without clothing. I am sorry if I am offending some taboo. She gave him no reply, but instead asked: "What are you? I believe your term for us is 'alien'. There was sudden buzz from the watchers on the seats. Then she turned to Kretz. But what I want to know is whether you are male or female.

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Looking at you, you could be either or both. Something about the way she asked made Kretz suspect that this was a trick question. But he had no real idea what the trick was. All he could do was answer and hope he'd be lucky. I should become female in about two of our years time. This is how Miran are.

We begin as male and then become female. All animal life on our world that doesn't reproduce by binary fission follows this pattern.

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The woman at the desk made a note on her page. As a male yourself you can't be held responsible for another male. So, where are you from? What are you doing here, in the Matriarchal Republic of Diana? For a brief moment Kretz toyed with trying a lie, for instance that there several thousand other Miran males armed to the teeth coming to fetch him. He decided to stick to the truth. These aliens were definitely more technologically advanced than Howard's people had been, although there were small signs of breakdown to be seen.

We saw this ship and came to investigate.

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We mean you no harm. My companions were attacked in the first habitat, by primitives with weapons that flung projectiles at us. Most of my friends were killed.

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I was separated from my companion. She is now back on our ship. I was hurt, fled down the central cable and reached the habitat of my companion. They are primitive humans, having regressed from technology, or for some reason turned their backs on it. They tried to help me, and sent one of their number with me, as an escort, helper and guide. I could not get back, but there is a lifecraft from our ship some four habitats on. We are trying to reach it. He paused.

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I apologize if we have broken your taboos. I plead for you to understand. You are an advanced people. He is very primitive. The woman at the desk made a note on her pad, then steepled her fingers. And while I am sympathetic about you trying to reach your mistress, and being separated from her, you were still moving in the wrong direction, without a woman to escort you. That struck Kretz as an excuse itself. After all, what kind of legitimacy did a regime have that did not inform its citizens or visitors of the rules it expected them to follow?

Eric Flint & Dave Freer - Slow Train to Arcturus

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