Surviving Your Worst Fear

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Think about all the people you would think you left an impact with, and think about them not remembering your name. A lot of this came to mind on my birthday this last year. My mission has always been to leave a legacy I can be proud of, but it hit me, what if I never made the impact I thought? I mean, what if none of this mattered?

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What if the people I would give anything to help, never mentioned my name again? What if someone I gave the world to, forgot I ever existed…. Sign in. Get started. My biggest fear in life. Chris Degenaars Follow. But what if, none of it matters?

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Read writing from Chris Degenaars on Medium. I write blogs and stuff. Trying to make positivity louder. Suicide attempt….

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After 5, years of feminine wisdom being suppressed, understandably many people are afraid of the dark Our challenge is to stay centered and observe the thoughts and feelings surfacing within us. This helps us be in the void — the place of uncertainty.

Below is a map of the terrain to navigate your way out of the Underworld the next time you find yourself sitting at the bottom of the well, followed by some practical processes to help you stay centered and access your soul wisdom. When next you find yourself feeling dark or experiencing change, loss or confusion, try one or more of the following practices to help reconnect you with your soul wisdom. Skip to main content. Tanishka More by this author.

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Jun 14, at AM. This initial stage can make us feel crazy with frustration when it seems that nothing is going according to plan, so we may be tempted to throw a cosmic tantrum at what we feel is divine injustice. The feminine initiates us into humility through chaos.

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We have to surrender to destruction and loss for creation and rebirth to occur. The Celts believed whatever was surrendered to Ceridwen, the Goddess of Death and Rebirth, would always be replaced by a gift of equal value and the bigger the loss, the bigger the rebirth. Ultimately, a new perspective and structure can only emerge if we release the old.

My biggest fear in life

Trust the Process. If we fight the process, we prolong our suffering. Cast the Burden. Call upon whichever ascended master, archangel or Goddess you prefer to assist you in your hour of need and visualize handing over your burdens, worries and fears. You can then stop fixating on them and mentally going round in circles.


This simple sacred act of intent helps us become receptive to insights that can pierce the darkness of our mind. Allow yourself retreat time to rest and reflect on your past hurts and experiences. Gestation is necessary if we are to birth a new perspective. Do not feel ashamed if you want to stay in bed and cocoon as this is what is necessary to facilitate your inner transformation. The more we accept that it is perfectly natural to undergo this chrysalis time, the easier it will be.