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And after three days away, Dr. Plat returns, too! Daniel's Friends Say No - When Daniel gets to school, he approaches Miss Elaina to play with her but is frustrated when he finds that she would rather read alone. Daniel learns that sometimes his friends might not want to play with him and that's OK because he can find fun things to do on his own. Daniel wants to join in but is upset because Prince Wednesday only wants to play with his brother. Soon O arrives and they both figure out that they can play together since Wednesday and Tuesday are having "brother time. Abby and Elmo play veterinarians.

By using their eyes, ears, and hands, Abby and Elmo figure out what's wrong with their pretend patients and help them feel better. Pinkalicious plants the seed of the most beautiful flower in the world: the Pinkabloom! She soon learns that the only way to make it grow is by singing to it. With help from Peter and friends, the Pinkabloom grows to be as tall as the house, but it won't bloom Can the kids help the spritely artist plant enough surprising paintings to get her big pixie wings?

While camping, Splash and Bubbles admire all of the beautiful sparkles in the sky. The kids soon think that those sparkles may have fallen from the sky into the sea when they see a brand new light show in Reeftown. When they temporarily can't find Tyke, they are relieved to learn that even though she's quite independent and curious, she won't wander far from her home. The heartland of England has sights that put the "Great" in Britain - its venerable universities, its royal heritage, and reminders of its industrial might. At Oxford and Cambridge, see where kings and prime ministers studied.

At Ironbridge Gorge, he fires up memories of the Industrial Revolution. And all along the way, Rick drives on the left and polishes his pub etiquette. Learn why the extraordinary discovery of a 2,year-old body reveals a new lead in a missing-person case. Endeavour and Thursday investigate the eerie village of Bramford, where nature is pitted against man and pagan rites hide nuclear mysteries. In the Chicago suburb where journalist Assia Boundaoui grew up, most residents in her Muslim immigrant neighborhood believe they are under surveillance.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Ana Platypus wants a pet for her birthday that she can hug and love. The Neighbors have very definite ideas about what kind of pet she should have. Bob Trow brings his dog, Barney, to meet Mister Rogers before leaving him overnight. After visiting a spooky cave, Splash and his friends visit the spookiest place they know, the cave of the old hagfish, who lives deep in the abyss. Alan gives Elmo, Rosita, and Abby his old cameras to play with and suggests that they can be photographers for the day.

So Abby, Rosita, and Elmo go around Sesame Street taking pictures of things like sports and fashion, while also learning how to use their cameras. For the Birds: George loves feeding the birds, but they must be starving, because all the seeds keep disappearing! Perplexed, George returns with more food, only to find a big, bushy tail sticking out of the feeder. It's Jumpy Squirrel, caught in the act of eating all the seeds! George tries to squirrel-proof the birdhouse, moving it further from the tree trunk, clearing away freestanding objects, and even developing a pulley laundry line system to hang it from.

But to no avail - that squirrel can climb - and apparently eat - anything! Why does Jumpy keep taking the seeds? Has his appetite suddenly grown - or maybe they're not all for him? EDU OBJ: To illustrate that all products and systems are subject to failure; and that many can be fixed through troubleshooting. George-asaurus: Professor Wiseman needs the Man with the Yellow Hat's help to assemble some rare dinosaur bones into a skeleton in time for an important archaeologist, Dr.

Raj Desai, to see them. Wiseman and the Man finish the task and meet Dr. Desai for lunch. Meanwhile, George and Gnocchi play outside with a toy plane, which floats though a window--landing on the newly assembled dinosaur. When George climbs the fragile bones to retrieve it, the entire skeleton collapses!

Using another dinosaur as a model, George is able to organize, sort, and piece together the bones back into its proper form. But how will Dr. Desai feel about a monkey working on his precious dinosaur bones, especially when the wrong head ends up on the dinosaur's skeleton? To develop an understanding of symmetry by reassembling the dinosaur bones so that each bone on one side of the body matches the equivalent bone on the other side e.

While on an adventure to discover the toughest animal in Africa, Martin and Chris uncover the amazing relationship between the Honey guide bird and Honey badger. A relationship that the Wild Kratt team uses to foil the evil plans of Chef Gourmand. Science Concepts: Symbiotic relationships.

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In the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico's southernmost state, David finds nations apart from mainstream Mexico. Populated for centuries by peoples speaking Mayan languages, they retain their customs and dress--while struggling to protect their homelands. Their towns and villages retain traditional pre- Columbian governments. They invite David to one of their annual ceremonies. An homage to the early age of river running on Oregon's iconic river in fall.

Instead, they became pioneers of a global food movement. It's a journey of discovery that will take us to ancient Egypt's greatest pyramids and obelisks, and its magnificent temples and tombs. With the house guests getting rowdier, Louisa worries about the villa's reputation, but Spiros' increased presence continues to delight her.

Margo finds a surprising way to bond with Maud. Gerry realizes he has feelings for Galini. Ross is given hope for the Despards' return. Demelza helps the community help itself. Dwight gains unexpected patients. Morwenna begins to secretly slip away from the village. A discovery leaves Geoffrey Charles and Cecily in turmoil.

Holly investigates a lead that a powerful business tycoon coerces young women into sleeping with him. As another source comes forward, Amina feels pressured to run the story. Duncan proposes a deal that could make waves in the political world. Martin and Chris discover a hermit crab on the beach and soon the Wild Kratts team is exploring the amazing world of this shell changing creature.

A Peg Meets Cat - Carnival. Baby Peg is desperate to tell Mom she wants that stray kitty for her pet and problem-solving partner, but she can only point and say "TWO!

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Peg and Cat scramble to make enough valentines for all their party guests and a pair of surprise visitors. Fernkenstein's Monster - Inspired by Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein," Fern tells a tale so scary that Arthur and the gang become afraid of her! Can Fern prove her skills as a writer and create a different story that's fun instead of frightening?

Or is it Binky's teaching that needs practice? After an afternoon on the Moon, Celery, Jet, and Sunspot discover, as they fly to Earth, that they have mistakenly left Carrot on the Moon! Then the saucer malfunctions and they receive news of a possible solar storm headed their way. In a nail-biter, Jet and Sunspot do a mid-outer space repair job - as per Celery's instructions -with Carrot comically adapting to the Moon environment. In the end, the saucer is fixed, Carrot is rescued, and the solar storm heads in the opposite direction of the Moon.

They gather in the kitchen as the noisy storm rages on, and Jet is too excited to get back to sleep. Carrot, Celery, and Sunspot are sympathetic - they're in the same boat! During the night they all learn about Earth storms as compared to storms on other planets. And then they all try to get Jet to fall back asleep, a seemingly impossible task. They use more and more absurd methods, until Celery has a conventional Earthie solution: sing a lullaby. Runaway Pumpkin - Daisy has grown the biggest, most beautiful pumpkin and wants to get it to the Halloween Party.

But getting this huge pumpkin there is easier said than done. Travel trouble isn't the only problem; their biggest challenge ends up being what to do with the pumpkins after Halloween. Lady Bug Tough - Uh oh, there is big trouble in Daisy's rose garden! The rose bushes should bloom into gorgeous, colorful roses but they're not, and it's all because of these tiny little aphids that are eating the leaves and damaging the roses!

How do they stop them? Daisy calls in the expert - Granny Bunny - who says they need to find some tiny beetles called ladybugs. That should do the trick! Unfortunately, he can't remember the order of the numbers, so he isn't getting it quite right. Marco helps out by using a catchy song to teach George how to count from and then George returns the favor by agreeing to be a pinch runner for an injured Marco. Can a speedy little monkey run the bases fast enough for Marco to get his first home run? Monkey on Ice - Bill wants to earn another Junior Sprout badge by constructing and sleeping in an igloo, inspiring George to build his own.

Only George wants his igloo to have windows and be big enough to fit his friends and furniture--not small and cozy like Bill's. When George's huge ice house leaves him freezing cold, he decides to build one in a much warmer location--inside the country house. But once they get to the hill and see how tall it is, Daniel and Prince Wednesday get scared. Dad assures them that if they try it a little bit at a time, they might surprise themselves and have a great time.

Later, Daniel goes ice skating for the first time. When he tries it a little bit at a time, he realizes it is not so hard. Once he arrives at the performance, he finds out that Prince Wednesday is sick and needs Daniel to fill in for him and dance on stage. Daniel is reluctant at first but realizes that if he learns the steps a little bit at a time, he can dance the Nutcracker and the show will go on! Strategy: If something seems hard to do, try it a little bit at a time. Mom explains to Daniel that he can't always get what he wants but shows him a way to feel better. Dad assures him that it's ok to feel frustrated and shows him that stomping three times is a good - and appropriate way - for Daniel to help himself feel better.

Strategy: When you can't get what you want stomp three times to help yourself feel better. Big Bird is building a tall block castle and it accidentally gets knocked down. Big Bird thinks Snuffy did it without even letting him explain. With Alan and Nina's help, they learn to stand up for themselves, listen to each other, and apologize. While drawing with chalk, Pinkalicious starts to tell her friends an epic story about Puddles the poodle and Splish-Splash the cat.

Soon everyone gets in on the fun and helps to bring the chalk drawings to life! Does Pinkville have enough sidewalk for their amazing story? So Pinkalicious and Peter invite him to watch over the plants inside their home. But they soon learn, indoor gnomes can get pretty loud, even in the middle of the night! Take your bread-baking skills to the next level to make three boulangerie- quality breads: a crusty golden brown artisanal boule, a unique "edible landscape" onion and leek focaccia, and a buttery, multi-layered brioche feuilletee.

Impeccably fresh local fish hits the grill in this show, which is devoted to the art of grilling seafood. Local Channel Island rockfish roasts on a Himalayan salt slab, served with a colorful melon mint relish. Tuna steaks come spice-rubbed and grill-blackened, sauced with spicy Cajun remoulade. Next, fire-roasted shrimp seasoned with deconstructed pesto. And for smoked fish lovers, gorgeous Alaskan king salmon cured with maple syrup and smoked over maple wood. Salt slab-grilled rockfish with melon mint relish; Grill-blackened tuna with Cajun remoulade; Grilled shrimp with deconstructed pesto; Maple-cured smoked king salmon.

Featured finds include a Cassius Clay twice-signed promotional print, modern Abdullah Qandeel "Red" and "Love" oils, and an early 18th-century Chinese celadon vase. See why surrogate parenthood is still being shaped by Baby M. Learn how texting could reduce suicides. Shine a light on lead, banned but not gone. Climate help may come from the Cold War. Andy Borowitz recalls a flaming river. Martin and Chris are creature adventuring on the African savannah when they encounter a warthog mom and her piglets.

But they notice something odd. One of the piglets is the cheetah cub Spotswat! It's up to the Kratt Bros to find out why this cub has been adopted into the warthog family and to reunite him with his mother, Blur. Science Concept: Interspecies relationships. The Slop Problem - The Farm. Peg and Cat enlist the Teens to help them figure out how to clean filthy farm animals of various sizes.

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Peg and Cat gather 30 rocks from their favorite lands to give Peg's Mom for her 30th birthday. The person who comes closest to guessing how many Super Mega Fun-Balls are in the rocket shaped dispenser wins the entire container of balls -- and the rocket, too! Steve, Betsy, and George come up with their own unique estimating methods. Will George and Betsy find the right answer, or will super confident Steve's formula triumph?

Inspired by the Man with the Yellow Hat's painting of a beautiful sunset, George starts a weather journal by drawing pictures of the sky. But predicting the weather isn't as easy as it seems. When George's picnic is ruined by rain, and he stays indoors on a beautiful sunny day, he decides to study wind patterns, too. When the city's weather station loses its satellite, Professors Einstein and Pizza turn to George's drawings, homemade windsock, and cricket temperature readings to predict the day's weather for the Mayor's golf outing.

Who knew a monkey could predict the weather? Daniels Blueberry Paws - Daniel Tiger gets a special treat from Prince Tuesday's fruity ice treat cart, but when he's distracted by the other flavors, his ice starts to melt. Mom Tiger teaches Daniel to enjoy the "wow" - his blueberry ice - before it's gone. Wow at the Library - Daniel and O the Owl are enjoying a pop-up story at the library with Uncle X when O flutters off to find more books to read.

X teaches O to enjoy the book they're already reading - the "wow" that's happening right now. That is, until they crash into one another Lady Elaine comes and fixes up Miss Elaina's booboo but Daniel is reluctant to admit he is hurt as well. Later, Lady Elaine makes him feel better, too. Daniel Feels Better - Daniel is having a ball playing with Margaret but he accidentally falls, twisting his ankle. Mom is concerned so they pay a visit to Dr. Anna's office. He is scared at first but gradually becomes more comfortable with the idea that Dr. Anna can help take care of his ankle.

He even learns about the X-ray machine, firsthand-or foot! Strategy: When you get hurt, find a grown-up to help you feel better. Search Search. Close Menu Sign In. Search form Search. Featured Arts. Native America. Poldark on Masterpiece. All Programs. All Current Affairs. Featured IN Close. Beyond Days. All Science. Featured ReInventors. All Film. Featured 10 That Changed America.

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Search TV Schedule. Filter TV Schedule All. Weekly picks. Date E. Add to favorites Favorite. Healthy Brain - Happy Life with Dr. Suzuki: S0E0 1 hour 28 min. Suzuki: S0E0 1 hour 58 min. Oct 8 am. Oct 8, am. Aardvark Town 28 min episode numbers: When a young aardvark accidentally becomes a stowaway in Chris's backpack, the Wild Kratts team sets off on a "door to door" search to return him to his home burrow.

DVI Availability:. DVI Availability: 1.

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Elmo's Factory 28 min Elmo has a lot of anything holders to make, so Chris helps Elmo put together his own factory. A Colorful Party 26 min When hosting an Italian-style cocktail party, all you need is some drinks, a nice selection of appetizers, and you're set! DVI Availability: 2. Oct 8, pm. Harvest Season 1 hour 26 min A story usually hidden behind a more glamorous front, Harvest Season probes the lives of the multigenerational Latinos, temporary laborers, and permanent residents intimately connected to the production of premium wines in the Napa and Sonoma regions of Northern California — in the midst of one of the most dramatic grape harvests in recent memory.

Canticle 1 hour 24 min episode numbers: When morality advocate Joy Pettybon receives a death threat, Endeavour must protect her at all costs. Placeholder 56 min DVI Availability: 1. Oct 9 am. Brain Secrets with Dr. Oct 9, am. Downton Abbey Returns! The Last Largest Lobster 28 min The Wild Kratts are having a picnic when a seagull steals one of their creature power discs and drops it into the ocean.

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Bath Time for Blanky 28 min Abby brings Rudy to the laundromat to wash his stinky blanky. Oct 9, pm. Celestun - Coastal Cooking 26 min episode numbers: Pati's favorite way to experience a new place is on the arm of a local. Breakfast and Brunch 26 min Kalimera! The Gen X Years 56 min Explore the era between Boomers and Millennials for exciting treasures from the mids to earlys, also known as the Generation X years!

Part Two 55 min The March family fears the worst when Mr. Episode Two 55 min Demelza and the children become caught in a dangerous web. The Serengeti Rules 56 min Travel back in time, from the Arctic Ocean to Pacific tide pools, with a pioneering group of scientists who make surprising discoveries that transform human understanding of nature and ecology. Day the Dinosaurs Died 56 min 66 million years ago, a seven-mile-wide asteroid collided with Earth, triggering a chain of events that coincide with the end of the dinosaurs.

Commuters 56 min In a modern migration, animals travel in and out of cities to find food and shelter or to start a family. Oct 10 am. Oct 10, am. Mystery of the Squirmy Wormy 28 min episode numbers: Aviva miniaturizes Chris and Martin for an underground mission with earthworms, in search of the answer to the mystery "Why do worms come above ground when it rains? Elmo's Happy Little Train 28 min Elmo, Rosita, and Zoe play train and pretend to be the driver, conductor, and passenger. Oct 10, pm. America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated. NOW Hear This: Scarlatti: Man Out of Time 55 min Journey to Spain and Morocco with host Scott Yoo to discover how composer Scarlatti melded aspects of Vivaldi's and Bach's work with music and dance of the region to generate a new sound inspired by the guitar that is still relevant today.

Secrets and Spies 45 min episode numbers: A family of retired spooks runs a safe house in a Midsomer village to which the security services send a visiting VIP for protection. Secrets and Spies 48 min episode numbers: A family of retired spooks runs a safe house in a Midsomer village to which the security services send a visiting VIP for protection. Oct 11 am. Oct 11, am. Rick Steves Fascism In Europe: S0E0 1 hour 26 min In this one-hour special, Rick Steves travels back a century to learn how fascism rose and then fell in Europe - taking millions of people with it.

The Mystery of the Two Horned Narwhal 28 min During an argument over what is better - horns or antlers - Martin and Chris decide to go on an adventure with the horned Narwhal of the Arctic. Astronaut Elmo 28 min Rosita, Elmo, and Abby pretend to be astronauts and use their imagination to go into space. Oct 11, pm. Day the Dinosaurs Died 55 min 66 million years ago, a seven-mile-wide asteroid collided with Earth, triggering a chain of events that coincide with the end of the dinosaurs. Oct 12 am. The Hispanic Heritage Awards: S0E 56 min The Hispanic Heritage Awards will honor five to seven individuals or organizations doing outstanding work in a variety of fields to benefit the Hispanic and Latinx community in the United States and abroad.

Oct 12, am. Oct 12, pm. Lazaretto 1 hour 24 min episode numbers: See how whispers of a cursed hospital ward and a seemingly innocuous death begin a chain of events lead to Endeavour's investigation of the hospital, staff and patients. Oct 13 am. Oct 13, am. Lights Out! Oct 13, pm. Cuba's Far East 26 min Santiago de Cuba, a thousand kilometers southeast of Havana, was once Cuba's most important city.

Hood is designed to bring people together DVI Availability: 2. Episode Three 56 min Louisa meets Spiros' wife for the first time and invites her to join the family on a trip. Episode Three 56 min Ross' tenacity in helping Ned bears fruit, but at a cost. Pure 1 hour 1 min Holly helps Leona investigate a lead at a hospital. Line of Separation: S0E 49 min After the fall of the Third Reich, the small town of Tannbach is cruelly divided between East and West regimes and the town's inhabitants suffer the consequences.

Oct 14 am. Oct 14, am. The Big Pretend Band 28 min Bert learns how to use his imagination and pretend play a saxophone so he can join his friends in their pretend band and play in a concert. Oct 14, pm. Perfect Pate A Choux 26 min episode numbers: Learn to make this magical dough that's the foundation for three spectacular filled desserts: pate a choux swans swimming in a pond of chocolate, custardy coconut eclairs, and a towering pink croquembouche.

Hot Stuff 26 min episode numbers: A show to stoke our insatiable appetite for fiery foods, starting with smoky Nashville hot wings. Episode One 56 min Learn social media's addictive power. Spying on the Royals 46 min episode numbers: After his abdication, Edward and Wallis Simpson vacation in America, unaware that they are being tailed by U.

Chaversham 2 29 min DVI Availability: 2. Episode Three 56 min Learn why crime witnesses fail to act. Rate This. Season 3 Episode 6. All Episodes Watch on Prime Video included with Prime. Added to Watchlist Add to Watchlist. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Storyline During a game of badminton, Louie breaks the net. Genres: Animation. Runtime: 6 min. Add the first question. Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. But who else should we believe in? The Sai What is the strongest division in the NFL?

For the second straight week, I have the Packers, Bears and Vikings all taking up real estate in the top What a week of change in the NFL. Drew Brees is out for weeks. Ben Roethlisberger is out for the year.

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And Eli Manning is out of a starting job. Yes, the inexorable march of time is playing its tricks on us mortals once more. Well, everyone exc As it does every year, Week 1 has the habit of making us all out to be fools. You, dear reader, have the option of sweeping your failed predictions and doomed hot takes under the rug, never to be spoken of again. You delete the tweets, scrub the te We finally made it. Starting Thursday night at Soldier Field and continuing through Monday, 32 teams begin their quest.

The ultimate goal? From the outside, the drama around Antonio Brown looks like a terrible situation for the Raiders. How could it not Welcome to a new era of the Power Rankings. New guy, same drill. Every Tuesday morning during the regular season and through the playoffs, I'll spin through the NFL and rank every team, from glorious No. Like a gritty reality T Landing a head-coaching job in the NFL is hard. Holding onto the thing is damn near impossible. We see it every year. January rolls around and the NFL initiates a sideline reboot.

This past season, eight head coaches were fired during or immediatel After a cold open featuring Jon Gruden going full Mean Dad , we quickly catch up with Antonio Brown, the superstar wide receiver who has been How could it be anybody else? From the moment the Oakland Raiders were announced as the subject of the 14th seas Starting Tuesday at 10 p. ET, we'll get an in-depth look at life behind the scenes at Oakland Raiders camp, but before that, let's take a moment to go over some people, places and things associated with the venerable Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag.

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. You've moved ahead of your greatest enemy on my training camp depth chart. Which team is more likely to win their first super bowl t Remember your old high school coach? That guy was loud and deeply earnest about the qualities he believed made a champion. He preached about how team glory could only be achieved through things like teamwork and sacrifice and subjugation of self Six takeaways on the announcement Now we turn our attention to the NFC. In other words, we still have a lot of time to kill before real football returns. Man, summer is going to be the worst.

In the meantime, let's take a spin around the league Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect. In the world of sports -- like life -- talent and hard work only get a strong man or woman so far. Everyone n The NFL doesn't want you to suffer as a fan in perpetuity. Considerable infrastructure is in place to ensure teams that sink to the bottom of Competition Sea not a real thing don't stay there for long.

The salary cap, the draft and revenue sharin You're all first-round talents. Why does it feel like no one is tempering expectations on the Browns, considering Kitchens is a new Setbacks can be crushing -- especially when the stink of defeat, of disappointment, of injustice is allowed to l It's that time again. We're now more than two weeks into the new league year. We've studied the first wave of free agency, the second, then the third. There's nothing more than a ripple in the current now You all deserve fully guaranteed contracts.

Which combination of a division winner and a 4th place team could you see switch places I will never trade you. What do you think the Broncos long term plan is? What's John Elways "vision"? Does he even deserve to have a The NFL season concluded in Atlanta almost two weeks ago, but we all know that football doesn't rest. The NFL, like the common shark, must keep moving to ensure its survival. Super Bowl week is here. Approximately 90 percent of the content herein can be fairly described as Minutes after the Patriots put the final touches on their decimation of the Chargers at Gillette Stadium, Tom Brady used his perfunctory postgame chat with CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson to roll out his version of a surprise album drop.

Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, about non-playoff teams in his latest mailbag. You are all offensive-minded young geniuses. Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. Cody Parkey lines up for a yard field-goal attempt that can send the Chicago Marcus Mariota returned to practice for the Titans on Thursday. It was a positive development for a quarterback dealing with a neck injury that's put his availability for this weekend's win-and-in showdown with the Colts in peril. Let's make some Let's explain the world of Week 16 through GIFs.

He played dumb after the game , but that's Baker Mayfield staring down You are all holiday miracles. Are the signs there of a strong AFC over next few years - think Browns , nyjets , buffalobills , We saw upsets, overtimes, walk-offs, even a no-look pass. But nothing topped what went down in Miami. The play had it all. A double lateral, Kenyan Drake's tremendous rope-a-dope near the 40 befor Let's explain the world of Week 14 through GIFs.

Let's start with a fond look back at an amazing moment in Miami. On Monday night, we witnessed an event that felt like a complete impossibility in the NFL of Mark Sanchez played in a game that mattered. It took an unlikely confluence of events for it to happen. Quarterback Colt McCoy exited Washington's Let's explain the world of Week 13 through GIFs.

Let's begin today with a celebration of Philip Rivers. The NFL's overloo I never doubted you. Well, maybe for a little bit there. What are some trades any teams wish they would have made at the trade deadl Let's explain the world of Week 12 through GIFs. What a battle for Celebration of the Week we were treated to on Sunday Let's explain the world of Week 11 through GIFs. This is how I imagine it must look for an opposing defense when the Sain Thanksgiving is right around the corner. As is the case every year, duties at NFL Media preclude me from making the cross-country trip to be with family on this quintessential American holiday.

It's unfortunate, but the good news is that I've assembl Let's explain the world of Week 10 through GIFs. It's not unusual for defending champions to suffer from the dreaded Super Bo We are the future. Especially after witnessing his creativity first hand this past Sunday, doesn't it make perfect sense for Josh Let's explain the world of Week 9 through GIFs. It was sold as a GOAT-off, a showdown between two of the greatest quarterback Five quarterbacks were selected in the first round of April's draft.

Let's explain the world of Week 8 through GIFs. Baker Mayfield was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in April, but it wasn't un You have no idea how much this means to me. How did gruden successfully ruin the raiders and mnf all in one swoop. He's a mad man Let's explain the world of Week 7 through GIFs. Well, we found it.

The one thing Patrick Mahomes isn't good at -- coordin Let's explain the world of Week 6 through GIFs. Under that towel resides Dolphins running back Kenyan Drake, who was the happ Let's explain the world of Week 5 through GIFs. Dak Prescott's reaction here sums up the general mood of Cowboys fans after a What are the biggest surprises of the NFL season to date? Dan Hanzus takes a look at six of them -- and predicts whether the development will continue in each case.

The Browns are fun as hell We all knew entering the season that -- on paper Let's explain the world of Week 4 through GIFs. Let's start by acknowledging that this is not an original composition. Last y Now we're all best friends. Is Dak Prescott just the sequel to Mark Sanchez, but this time with lowered draft expectations?

Let's explain the world of Week 3 through GIFs. Come on, Bill. We know you're sour about the suboptimal performance by your On Monday, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer stood before reporters at his regularly scheduled press conference and addressed the team's most recent roster transaction following a tie with the Packers. Less than 24 hours earlier, rookie kicker Danie Let's explain the world of Week 2 through GIFs.

The football season is just 17 games old I kid -- kind of. Anyone who thinks they have the league figured out after Week 1 is a fool. That said, if you've In this weekly feature, we tell the story of Week 1 through GIFs. So, here's how Jon Gruden's night began: And here's how i Nate Orchard spent the past three seasons as a role player for the Browns, but the defensive end knew he needed a big effort in last Thursd You da real MVPs.

Ritchie Breen That title belongs to his understudy, No. But make no mistake: Taylor is a major piece of the puzzle as Clevel The late Freddie Mercury once told us this about pressure : Pressure pushing down on me Pressing down on you no man ask for Under pressure that brings a building down Splits a family in two Puts people on streets I'm pretty sure Mercury Dez Bryant arrived at Cleveland Browns headquarters last week looking to make a strong impression. He's been unconnected to an NFL team since the Cowboys cu Dan Hanzus serves as your guide.

We love you for it, and so does budlight You will be spared. Who is your upset acquisition that you see the Graybeards making after training camp cuts? We watch a slow-motion montage of Browns pla Congratulations LevitreAndy and katielevitre! Training camps are in full swing. Yeah, I like The phrase is plastered on signs and banners everywhere: at team headquarters, in and around FirstEnergy Stadium and at carefully selected hubs Tom Brady is still here.

The most successful quarterback who ever lived turned 41 on Friday. For a man now firmly entrenched in middle-age, it'd make sense if he was spending this special day on a golf course This is why we're so close. Do you guys view the 49ers as a double digit win team in ? Matt Woolsey?? This is the End Around AB84 showed up in a helicopter.

Pittsburgh Steelers steelers July 25, For the last three sum Every NFL team's training camp will be underway by the end of the week, and fan optimism is in overdrive all across the country. Training camp represents a sacred place for the glass-half-full sect, a time when potential team strengths easily oversha You get me.

What are the chances the Alex Smith Redskins finish the regular season with a better record than the Kurt Cousin Darrelle Revis retired on Wednesday. Five thoughts on one of the best to ever play the cornerback position. Yeah, yeah, I know. How dare I besmirch Broadway Joe! Trust me, I'm not doing that. I love that Jay Cutler spent his NFL career being painted as a misanthrope with a nicotine addiction , a quarterback with all the arm talent in the world but none of the grit to match.

Cutler was never "just a kid out there. Love me some Pro-Football-Reference. I mean, not as much as this site Area Man Saves Job , but it's right up there. Whether you're a diehard fan or a member of the football cognoscenti, PFR is an invaluable resource for pure, unadulterated That was cool. Who trades for Flacco next year after he inevitably gets benched for Jackson? Every NFL offseason is unique.

It's also exactly the same. Look at the NFL offseason like a long-running sitcom: Absent fresh A little thought exercise on a football website in the middle of June Imagine the NFL as a community. A town where the league's players, coaches, general managers, owners, scouts, et. There's a grocery store and a Now it's the NFC's turn. A reminder: Don't me. Everything I've written here will be proven this autumn to be a percent accurate and If you're like me, you've been studying your favorite team, diagnosing the roster's strengths and weaknesses as you make an internal case for a playoff With the impending decline of the Pats in the coming years, which franchise has the best chance of being the next dyn There's nothing worse than last place.

You can't sugarcoat or rationalize it. There is no, "Yeah, but All there's left to do is proce Is it better to be lucky or good?

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To be successful in the NFL, you had better be both. After all, every team that's raised the Lombardi Trophy benefited from some luck along the way. For evidence, look no further than the defending Super Bowl champ For most of the millennium -- well, s That was nice. With how many teams that have never won repeat superbowls, is there a strong belief that the Eagles actually make it He's reached that most rarified level of sports celebrity -- a larger-than-life, quasi-mythic, demigod-level of renown that allows him to pass even The Grandmother Test As OTAs, mandatory minicamps, training camp and the preseason approach, here are our top 10 offseason storylines to watch.

Which one of the Big Five rookie QBs will see There was something special about the marriage of one of Manhattan's most historic venues with one of the NFL's tentpole events. From the red carpet in the middle of midtown, The Jets have a new face of the franchise.

Welcome to New York, Sam Darnold. The Jets selected the USC passer with the third overall pick of the NFL Draft on Thursday night, a move the organization hopes will finally solve their forever riddle Being selected in the first round of the NFL draft seems like a pretty perfect life event.

After all, who wouldn't relish the opportunity to realize an improbable life's dream and become an instant millionaire at the same time? There's also the li Today, it's all about the draft. And do you think Seattle will actually pick on the first round this year?

Toughest schedules Most forgiving schedules Revenge games Top prime-time bouts Revenge. Glorious revenge. What could possibly be more rewarding than vanquishing a foe by way of expert retaliation? We're talking profound justice, baby! Which NFL stars have looked the most out of place in a uniform that didn't connect them to their glory days? Dan Hanzus takes us on a walk down memory lane to gawk at All-Pros in duds that were easy to forget.

A warning: Some of these photos will be Aqib Talib and Michael Crabtree will ply their trade outside the confines of the AFC West in , but that won't stop the two men from sharing a field this year. Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag studying the world of the National Football League. Going into last season there was a lot of talk about Dak vs Carson, who was better.

Did last season settle that argument or Every team that changes its uniform is ultimately hoping for the Bucs Effect. On April 9, , the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hit the reboot button. After years of losing, new owner Malcolm Glazer decided his team needed a fresh, more intimidating image The U. Bureau of Labor Statistics announced last month that the unemployment rate was steady at 4. Employment rose in the fields of construction, retail trade, professional and business services, We learned earlier this month that the Dallas Cowboys are the subject of the third season of the Amazon documentary series All or Nothing.

Now we have a trailer, which offers a glimpse into the highs and lows of a disappointing season for Joe Namath remains, all these years later, the only true franchise quarterback in New York Jets history. I know what you're thinking. That can't be. It's impossible. Joe Namath was on the Jets, like, 40 years ago 42, actually. There has to be Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in the latest End Around Mailbag.

Long time listener, first time question asker The Bills have inquired regarding the 1 overall pick per reports and havent got it The Arizona Cardinals exist today as a franchise in flux. It wasn't long ago they were the envy of the league. Flashback to June 10, On that day, the Cardinals gathered in downtown Los Angeles for the premiere of Amazon's newest documentary If Barkley is taken at 1, who do the giants take?

Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks. Let's take a look back at the week and decide who won It was a good week for Les Snead: The Rams general manager is in that good place for a front office official. Through smart m Jon Gruden: Gruden hadn't been at the combine podium in 10 years before Wednesday, but the man showed It was a loss for the Arizona Cardinals, but also for the rest of us. After all, Arians was a true original -- a man who brought personality to a gig where that's not necessarily Frank Reich: Reich had one of the lines of the offseason when asked during his introductory press Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in the reincarnated End Around Mailbag.

It livvvvvvvves! Jimmy Garoppolo: Jimmy G. I was on the field as the Eagles celebrated their Super Bowl win That may not seem like something that seems worthy of a dispatch, given Philadelphia had just won its first Super Bowl in the year history of the damn game. But in reality, hoisting a Lombardi So credit Timberlake with a little outside-the-box thinking: Why pick just a few hits to showcase when y That's an incredible accomplishment, but here's a scorching hot take delivered to you straight from the North America tundra: Justin Timberlake, making The pop star is standing in front of a packed convention room of reporters from all over the world, but he looks like his next stop could be a pig roast in the woods.

Clad in a flannel button up ove Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the expert findings of the NFL Media Research Department to share nuggets also known as "nugs" that fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. PAUL, Minn. Swarms of humanity. Sweaty journalists w Approximately 90 percent of the content herein can be fairly described as "accurate. For the time being, football fans will have to settle for a pretty stellar merch battle going on between the two star quarterbacks.

This might not seem like a big deal, but history tells us this solitary wardrobe decision has already decided the very outcome of pro football's most celebrated co Every week of the NFL season tells a story. The Gatorade Bath wasn't always a thing. This is weird consideri I was sitting in the office today having a conversation with my co-worker Brooke, starting pitcher for our fabulously successful newsroom softball team and a die-hard fan of the Minnesota Vikings.

Killing time before a Super Bowl planning meeting, This is the Championship Week edition of High-Fl Good morning, Stefon. I am you 12 hours in the future. Just a ge The Vikings have already begun the process of preparing for their conference championship affair against the Eagles next Sunday. We, as fans, don't need to move on so quickly.

Stefon Diggs' yard touchdown as time expired is still hard to belie We love The Times-Picayune, New Orleans' paper of record and a publication unafraid to wear its hometown passion on its sleeve, er, front page. This isn't just the playoffs for NFL teams. The lights are up for the whippersnappers running team social media accounts, too.

Blake Bortles is in a weird place right now. Bortles has advanced with his team into the NFL's version of the Elite Eight, but that achievement has done nothing to slow the steady flow of insults directed at the Jaguars quarterback on a near-weekly This is the Divisional Playoffs edition of If you've ever been to an NFL game, you know how close fans can be to The NFC South remains a realm not recommended for the thin of skin, the weak of heart, and the vulnerable of disposition.

We're currently in the process of finding out who will play in the final game of the season, but the non-football related entertainment portion of Super Bowl LII is now set. The league announced Monday that Pink -- or P! NK -- will perform the natio Dalton's stunning touchdown pass to Tyler Boyd on Sunday served as a late Christmas miracle f The regular season is over, the playoff field is set. I know exactly what you're thinking: "Finally we can figure out who the NFL can force into a starring role on Hard Knocks!

So let's tell the story of Week 17 through GIFs. It's so cold. We're seeing record low temperatures across the United States this weekend. As in, the coldest weather ever. This has been an adverse development for NFL players, who are crashing into each other a high velocity with temperatures in The regular season comes to a close on Sunday. For 12 of the NFL's 32 teams, the journey will continue into January. The Sam Ficken era is off to an inauspicious start.

Ficken, signed by the Rams after NFL point leader Greg Zuerlein was sent to injured reserve with a back injury this week, missed a field goal and an extra point attempt in the first half of Sunda Blake Bortles has become perhaps the grand curiosity of this NFL as we reach the final weeks of the regular season. For most of , Bortles looked every bit the liability that would stand in the way of the Jaguars and their gifted defense making This is the Week 16 edition of High-Flying Adven Those of us who don't sit on the Throne of Ease are still attempting to process how the Patriots managed to win on Sunday in Pittsburgh.

New England certainly looked cooked after Jesse James crossed the goal line with the ball firmly in his grasp So let's tell the story of Week 15 through GIFs. The Oakland Raiders have already earned their spot on 's Mount Rushmore of Call it a game of millimeters. Sunday Night Football between the Cowboys and Raiders treated us to one of the strangest scenes of the season.

In the fourth quarter of a tie game, the Cowboys decided to keep their offense on the field for a This is the Week 15 edition of High-Flying Adven The official paperwork represented the culmination of a night terror turned reality for Iggles fans, who thought, maybe -- just maybe -- this was finally the year.

Ugh, maybe This week we'll focus exclusively on the Bills' overtime victory over the Colts in snow-blanketed Orchard Park. That's right, the This has been a special year -- a rebirth, really -- for touchdown celebrations in the NFL. And while we've all enjoyed the creativity that's come with this new post-score freedom of expression, there's something to be said for the standards.