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She must have some sleep. Alexandra: Remezov. Remezov: Yes, your majesty. The doctor from Vienna will be here in the morning.

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Splendid, your majesty. Do you think this man can cure my son? If anyone can, he can. Your majesty, god won't let him die. Natasha: Father. Come in. Where is the boy? Who is this man? Grigory Rasputin. He is a man of God. He can cure him. He has cured many. There was woman called Nirushkin. She was dying, wasn't she, father? And the child run down by horses.

He has healed them. He can heal Aloysha. The doctors have admitted they're helpless. He has the power of God. Let me pray with your son. All the priests in Russia are praying, father. I am no priest. I am a simple man who believes God answers prayers. We are grateful for everyone's prayers.

Go to the cathedral. They're all there. The cathedral of God is here. Why, if you could believe like a little child, you'd say to me, "my son is getting well because Ive asked God to make him so. Don't you believe God can do more than they can? If only he could be spared that. There are no ifs, my daughter. I can heal him. Won't you believe? Say after me, "my son will live. Rejoice, my daughter.

Your son will live. Remezov: Who are you? What are you doing here? I've come to take care of the boy. Who let you in here? The Czaritza. Your majesty, permit me to forget that you are my sovereign. You're a woman. This is your child. I am his doctor. I'm going to the Czar and demand That you be kept away from him. This madman is the last straw. Send him away. You will go.

You and the other nurses report at once to your headquarters. Imperial majesty, your physician in ordinary begs to be relieved of his duties. He is already relieved. Now, there's no use calling her. She's gone. What color are your eyes? Where did she go? She went to get a beautiful white elephant for you With purple eyes and a shiny golden house on his back. I want her. But she's gone all the way to the zoo to get it, Aloysha. That'll take a long time.

Aloysha, look. Look here. Look at my watch. Isn't that pretty? A man gave that to me once for making him well. He was a great deal sicker than you are, Aloysha. Look at it glitter. See how it glitters? Look at it turn. We're going to ride in that golden house, Aloysha, on your elephant through the black, dark forest, and yellow tigers are going to be hiding in the trees, and we're going over beautiful blue rivers in the snow filled with silver fish.

We'll ride on that elephant of yours, Aloysha, all the way to the moon, Aloysha. All the way to the moon. Look at me, Aloysha. Look in my eyes. That's a good boy. Keep looking in my eyes now. Keep looking in my eyes. Keep looking in my eyes, Aloysha. You don't feel badly now, do you? You have no pain. It's gone out of your body, down your arms, through your hands, and out of your fingers. Now it's going out of the window, way up into the sky, And you are going to sleep. Yes, you are. You're going to sleep.

Your eyes are getting heavy. Yes, they are. Good night, Aloysha. Lift up your hand. Drop it. That's a good little boy. Who was it you were asking for a minute ago? Who was it you wanted to speak to? He doesn't know. Well, we don't care, because he's going to sleep. Dear little boy is going to sleep.

It's amazing. I shall be the first to admit it What do you want? Oh, several things. Have you any pain, your highness? Have you any pain, Aloysha? Anything more? I'm not going to hurt you. Doctor, Im an old friend of his. Possibly, I can Well, lieutenant I'm sorry, old mate. He's not quite himself yet, Paul. Could you sit up, your highness, just a little bit? He'll staup. He'll run around the room. Come, Aloysha. Show them what you can do. Don't, your highness. No exertion, please. Your majesty Don't you believe he's cured?

Let go! Please let go. Come to me. Come to me, Aloysha. We'll show them what two days has done. Come on. Don't touch it! Ah, hey. Now laugh at the doctor. Laugh at him! Laugh at the doctor! Are you sure the diagnosis was correct?

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You saw the result of the blood tests. I should like to take another. Your majesties, may I be alone with the patient? The way to lose God's power is to doubt his power. Do you want the boy to die? Even you should know better than to talk like that. Get out! You doctors have had your chance with the boy. You know what you did, and you've seen what God has done.

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Now, which will you choose? No, no. It isn't that, father. Which will you choose? We've already chosen, father. You've raised our son When none of you doctors have given us any hope. He's alive. I hold him in my arms. Who do you suppose I would believe in? Who do you suppose I would have faith in? My daughter, your faith has made him whole. Here's the hand that shook the Czar's.

The Czar shook hands with him. Did he really do that, Grishka? What does he call you, Grishka? Tell them. Well, what's so marvelous about that? He's just an ordinary human being. Does he really smoke cigarettes? I got one for you. Oh, that's wonderful! One of the Czar's own cigarettes. Look what else he brought! Aw, don't be showing those things. Aw, they won't tell. Look at the eagles. Solid gold! Are you going back?

I've got to go to the palace every day. Man: This will make your fortune, Grishka. How much did he give you? He didn't give him anything. He didn't give him a thing! What difference does that make, you old sheep's head? These aristocrats don't think anything about money. It wouldn't surprise me if I got rubles. I might get rubles! I saved his son's life, didn't I?

Ah, you're just making up to me because Im an important man now. I love you. I've always loved you, Grishka. Give me one Ah, go on now! Oh, Grishka. Go on. It's the chief of the secret police! Put those things away, will you? Don't worry, my friends. Go on and eat. Be happy. Afraid of what? Are you sure you didn't go too far with that boy? Are you sure you didn't make him crazy like the boy in Kazan? If he's gone mad, too, they'll kill you. You can go out that door. I haven't anything to be afraid of.

I've done nothing. The boy is all right. Get out of the way. Go on over there. Father Rasputin? Your Excellency. I have just come from the palace. May I, uh Oh, you're asking permission? Your modesty is almost convincing. You know, father, it has just occurred to me that we might be able to help each other, you and I. How can I help you? Well, my department has been subject to a little criticism since the death of the grand duke Sergei. Oh, I see. Your post is in danger. We all have enemies. And the Czar being grateful to you at the moment, I thought you might drop a word.

What makes you think that I can influence the Czar? Oh, come, come, father. You know you're the most important man in Russia at the moment. Ah, Im beginning to understand. What is there in it for me? Your record, father, as far back as Tobolsk. There are one or two little items there that Im sure you wouldn't like to have known Now that you're where you are. My record, huh? It's not enough. You just said I was the most important man in Russia.

You don't go to an important man and ask him to save your post for a ruble.

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Let me think. Do you keep your hat on in your own house? I beg your pardon, father. I'd almost forgotten about her. Have you got these things about everybody? Everybody of consequence. Information of this kind Would be very valuable to an intelligent man. As someone once said, knowledge is power.

I'll save your post for you. Thank you, father. Yes, but I must look through some of your files. I'm going to be more important than even you think. I won't tolerate this meddling in my department. I'm going to tell the Czar. Tell him of the 2 million kronen You received from Austria And what it was for.

Tell him who planned General Sablin's murder and why you're going to meet the minister of the interior tonight at General Gadya's house. I think you can afford to take orders from me, your Excellency. Ah, you want your husband promoted, don't you? Yes, yes. Have you done anything about General Karloff? There's nothing to be done. Have you offered him money?

He can't be bought. You know, God has given me a power to read the hearts of men. It wouldn't surprise me if this fellow had been selling plans of our fortifications to, well, let's say Turkey. The Czar would be horrified to find anything like that out. Now, you take some of our most important plans And put them in his portfolio. Then Ill tell the Czar of my premonition. How did you know, father?

Of myself, I know nothing. A power has been given me to read the hearts of men. If it has helped Russia, I thank God. Of course not, darling. As a matter of fact, I very seldom attend dinners given to me. But I usually notify my host. He didn't mean to be rude, but he lives in such a world of his own That people and time and dinners don't mean anything to him. I see.

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Well, always remember I asked him. At least that's over. Was it such an ordeal, After all he's done for Aloysha? Darling, if a witch doctor had healed Aloysha, he could have everything Ive got in the world, But I don't like him, and I never shall. You never tried to.

It isn't that. There's something clammy about him. I can't explain it. I've had the same feeling brushing against something on a dark night. I don't know what he's after, but I get a sort of feeling of a man waiting his chance. You dragged it out of me, darling. Have you ever watched him with people? He goes as far as he dares, even with the Empress. You don't like him because he's so outspoken.

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You don't like his manners. Isn't that it? No, that's not it. It's his smile. It's like a man-Eating shark with a bible under his fin. Paul, Ive never seen you like this before. Darling, I can't help it. Paul, I believe in him, in his sincerity, his divine power. No one can shake my faith in him, not even you. I know it, and I hate your belief in him. I hate it. Everything that's come between us I blame on him. Ah, well, darling Man: Grigory Yefimovich Rasputin. There he is. Paul, nothing has come between us.

Please be nice to him. Of course, darling. I'll be a pearl among hosts. Excuse me. Pardon me, general. We were worried about you. Dinner was at We waited until Perhaps I can get you something on a tray. I just had some wonderful borscht. Little friend of mine makes it. Who are all these people? I'm about to present you. I'll tell you who I want to know. Oh, very well. Well, my dear child, you look very beautiful. Is this the famous father Rasputin? You're all anyone talks about.

All of us came here just to see you. I gave up a trip to London. You see, Ive been an invalid for nearly 12 years. What's the matter with you? None of the doctors seem to know. I've had them all. Well, Ill tell you. You're a lazy, spoiled woman. If you were to scrape some of that rouge off your face and get behind a washtub, you'd be all right in a week. He's wonderful! A washtub! How divine! I warned you. Who is that man? I like his face. That's Kropotkin. He's a brilliant creature.

He's helping me restore the Duma. Come and meet him. Professor Kropotkin, University of St. General Linoff, our minister of war. Oh, I am delighted to see you, indeed. The Hero also can encounter a Trickster who may become a sidekick character along the way, and a Shapeshifter who first appears as an ally but becomes an enemy - or vice- versa, or another character type altogether. Finally they return to their tribe and restore the elixir, bringing a boon to the community. But if yours is — then list out your Character Types here. A Dramatic need 2.

Point of view 3. Change 4. And - nickname? Film is often about characters who change, and TV is often about characters who do not — or, cannot. The obstacles they encounter in striving to achieve their goal are chosen by the writer to make the character grow. The leading character in the story usually is the person who has the furthest to go; who has to undergo the biggest change. Most leading characters undergo a positive growth through the course of the story. Their character arc could be, for example, from fear to confidence, from cynical to trusting, from pessimist to optimist, etc.

Once the lowest level is satisfied or achieved, the human condition is such that it desires the next level, and so on up the hierarchy Understanding 4. A Desire for Knowledge 5. A Sense of Recognition: self esteem 6. Security: employment 8. The Stakes are what the character stands to lose.

Perhaps the ultimate stakes are the destruction of Earth and its inhabitants. Drama becomes more involving if these stakes are raised as the story progresses. The hero is the one who undergoes the greatest character growth or has the biggest transformational character arc, and in most Hollywood films, the hero rarely dies. Ways to engender empathy from audience include creating a Hero who has suffered some undeserved misfortune. Describe yourself, in 25 words or less. Who are the most important or prominent people in your life - and how do they see you? And how do they treat you?

What single incident s in your childhood has most affected you Positively? And how about - Negatively? What's your attitude towards sex? Thoughts on Religion? Are you religious? Is there a God? State your 'Philosophy of Life', or the "code' you live by, if any. How would you spend a million dollars today? Describe what you hate the most. What do you fear the most? What do you love the most, in Life? How do other people react to you on meeting you?

List your proudest achievement in Life. Describe your favourite fantasy. Describe what you try hardest to avoid. Who has had the greatest influence on you? How far away from this ideal are you? What, if anything, is worth dying for? What makes life truly worthwhile? Anything paranormal. How do you foresee your future? Are you popular? Are you self- centred?

And - How and why did you get into it? Plan to stay in it? Ideally, what's the future hold careerwise? What do you do in your spare time? And why? Describe in about 25 words, your best friend, eg What do they do for a living, hobbies, talents what kind of person are they, and why do you like them? What's your own best talent, do you think? And what do others around you see as your "best point'? Do you agree? And finally - "What do you think Humanity's Purpose on Earth is'? While you've got the microphone, is there anything else you want to say, off the top of your head?

And B How do they react? Everything that has happened to them up till the point that the film story starts. Quest 2. Adventure 3. Pursuit 4. Rescue 5. Escape 6. Revenge 7. The Riddle 8. Rivalry 9. Underdog Temptation Metamorphosis Transformation Maturation Love Forbidden Love Sacrifice Discovery Wretched Excess Ascension Source: Tobias, Ronald B.

Cincinnati: Writer's Digest Books, They are: 1. The American writer Robert Blake added a ninth. Unrecognised virtue at last recognised. The fatal flaw. The debt that must be paid. The love triangle. The spider and the fly. Boy meets girl, plus obstacles. The treasure taken away loss, sometimes followed by search. The irrepressible winner. The homeless loner.

This goes back to 35mm film reels. Genres are how studios market their films, and how audiences know what type of emotional experience to expect in the cinema. Some theorists believe the popularity of genres runs in year cycles. The Ordinary World 2. The Call To Adventure 3. The Refusal of the Call 4. The Meeting With the Mentor 5. Crossing the First Threshold 6. Tests, Allies, Enemies 7.

Approach to the Inmost Cave 8. The Supreme Ordeal 9. The Reward The Road Back The Resurrection The Heroine's Journey adapted from Maureen Murdock 1. Separation From The Feminine 2. Finding The Boon Of Success 5. Healing The Wounded Masculine Who is the hero? What does the hero want? The door opens 4. The hero takes control 5. The spanner is thrown in the works 6.

Things fall apart 7. The hero hits rock bottom 8. The hero risks all 9. This paradigm applies to a page screenplay. Introduces a turn of circumstances that alters the relationship between the two major characters, so that they cannot easily disengage from each other. This event often raises matters to a life-and-death issue. The Hero puts a plan into motion - and locks horns with the opposing force or forces, in an effort to defeat them. Now there is a sequence in which he or she discovers what appears to be a hidden weakness in the opposing force or forces.

This structure obviously also applies to many of the films in the Bond franchise. Say, a villain plans a crime Act 1: Start with an image. Act 2: Something bad happens. Act 3: Meet the Hero and the Opposition. Act 4: Commitment. Act 5: Go for the wrong goal. Act 6: The reversal. Act 7: Go for the new goal. Act 8: Wrap it up. This is the most important section of the screenplay. In Act One the conflict between the protagonist and antagonist is further developed up to the first plot twist. In Act Two the conflict is further "complicated" up through the second major plot twist.

By this time about 85 minutes of screen time will have passed. In Act Three the climactic battle between the protagonist and antagonist will occur. The action will be extremely intense and very fast, ending with the victory of the hero over the villain. The Resolution scene of the story will be the shortest, showing that the protagonist has achieved his primary objective and showing his victory being celebrated by the community.

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