The Wine Industry in India

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17 Years in the Making: How Far Has India's Wine Industry Come Along?

Business India. By Sriparna Neogi Last updated Jun 8, Sula Vineyards. Sriparna Neogi 3 posts 0 comments. Prev Post Charge cards — Use credit without impacting your score! Comments 8 Facebook Comments. Vishnu Kanoor says 8 years ago. Altaf Rahman says 9 years ago. Sriparna, Though I am not much into the subject, even considering what you said, may be both Kumar and Steven are right.

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Sula Vineyards: Sula's grape crushing up by 50% - The Economic Times

Sriparna N. Steven says 9 years ago. Sriparna Sorry, but the entire Indian wine market IS in the doldrums! Moreover, as long as Indians have disposable incomes, the wine and liquor market will survive.

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A K Kumar says 9 years ago. Leave A Reply. Sign in. The wineries in the country started affixing labels on the beverage bottles from April 1, declaring the standards and specifications of the products in a globally compliant manner. These also carry statutory warning of alcoholic content. Wine manufactured prior to April 1, , can be sold in the market up to March 31, While codex standards are regarding food safety, OIV standards are benchmarks for correcting the faults in wine and improving the quality of wines.

The new labelling standards for Indian wines come at a time the global industry is poised to enter a high-growth phase after several years of stagnant growth. While the annual growth CAGR of the global wine industry was just 1.

Indian wine looks for stronger presence in global market

Zee Ent. Precious Metal. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. By Jayashree Bhosale. Pune: Despite drought-like conditions in Maharashtra, the chief grape producing state in the country, India is eyeing good grape harvest and higher crushing of grapes for wines.

Helped by conducive weather for grapes, Maharashtra is expecting a bumper grape harvest this season. Vasani believes that the grape harvest will be of good quality with higher yields as good monsoon in previous two years has ensured adequate groundwater levels for the current crop.

Wine Industry in India

Demonetisation during and a ban on sale of liquor near highways imposed in had impacted wine sales leading to higher inventories with wineries. As a result, wineries had crushed lower volumes of grapes this year, especially the table grape varieties, which go into making of lower grade wines.

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According to Sula Vineyards, in the year ending July 31, , it had crossed the 1-million case sales mark.